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STAR-TIDES Membership on the GIE

How do I Join?

As part of the civil-military community of practice involved in identifying and advancing innovations for disaster response, development and stabilization solutions, you will be working with a network of over 3000 researchers, developers and technology developers who share a similar interest - researching, identifying and making available information, best practices and technology solutions to those responding to complex and difficult challenges.  As a STAR-TIDES member, you will be a part of an established network of practitioners and developer to share and market innovations, and be invited to particpate in our annual demonstration in Washington, DC area at both a local/civilian venue and the Pentagon.  Over the past 10 years, this demonstration has provided a venue for idea sharing and displaying your developments to governmental, non-governmental and private organizations. 

In order to begin sharing your innovation across our Network (which is also linked into the broader GIE as well), we ask that you complete two steps:


Through clicking the "Join Here" link below, you will become a GIE member who is linked to STAR-TIDES;  this approach enables your innovation and information sharing to automatically be posted to BOTH the STAR-TIDES site and the entire GIE, allowing your innovations to be broadly visible to other interested colleagues, developers and resourcers.  This first step of developing a member profile and obtaining a GIE member number will link your membership to STAR-TIDES while providing you full access to the GIE.


As a STAR-TIDES and GIE Member, you can now begin to access and contribute not only best practices, references, etc to the community under the "References" tab, but also provide your Innovation (both technical and non-technical) under our "Infrastructure" section in one of the 8 Key Reponse Areas focused on "stopping death and human suffering" such as Heating/Cooling, Power, Water, etc.  (see below)


Sharing Your Innovations Across STAR-TIDES and the GIE 

As both a STAR-TIDES and GIE Member, you your are now ready to beging sharing your Innovation (including processes, tool-kits and technology ideas and products) under the area of your choice under our "Infrastructure" Tab that provides practices and solutions on how best we can prevent or stop death and human suffering as quickly as possible in disaster and conflict environments.  By clicking "Enter Innovations", you will be taken to the "Infrastructure" section where members can view descriptions of the various areas and enter their innovation by clicking "Add Innovation" under the area of their choice.

In adding your Innovation, the GIE format will walk you through the process of entering information which will provide STAR-TIDES and GIE members essential information on your innovation, and enable you to notify others of like interests about your efforts (based upon the data fields that you select).  Also, through providing your GIE member number, you will will "own" and be responsible for all information about your innovation and receive feedback, suggestions, resouring/funding information directily from others interested in collaborating.  Key here is that your innovation will be shared both specifically and broadly - within our Network as well as across the GIE - thereby enabling you to gain the broadest access to ideas, collaboration and resourcing as possible.

NOTE: For detailed instructions on entering your Innovation, see the "STAR-TIDES On The GIE Users's Guide" available through a link on the "Infrastructure" Tab)